Work Smarter, Not Harder

My name is Jessica Mintz and I am a certified Anti-Boring Coach and an educational therapist. I work with anxious high school students to help them achieve their academic goals by teaching them the executive skills they need to manage their stress and reach their full academic potential

My goal is to help students become independent learners by teaching them how to learn intentionally and effectively. I teach students time management and organizational skills as well as study strategies for better retention.

Study Skills

Students need a plan for studying, and most don't know where to start. I help students come up with a specific study plan so that they can prove their learning most effectively.

Brain Theory

If we understand how the brain learns, then we can learn anything. I teach my students a little bit of brain theory to help them better understand themselves and to get them to buy into new learning and study strategies.

Executive Skills

Executive Skills refers to the brain-based skills that are necessary for people to complete tasks. Everyone has executive skill strengths and weaknesses. I help my students identify their areas of weakness so that we can design and implement pertinent and effective interventions.

"Finally, a holistic, student-Centered approach to learning"

“Jessica is available when I need her the most! She is easy to talk to and patient, and she helps me advocate for myself in school. I sometimes struggle with math, but Jessica is helpful and patient with me. She, also, holds me accountable by sending me text messages and email reminders.”

- Corinne O.

High School Student in Portland Public Schools

Happy Students, Happy Parents

“Working with Jessica is a relief because I feel supported. She helps me slow down, read all the directions, and organize my calendar so I know when to complete tasks. Jessica helps lower my school anxiety. ”

- Fiona S.

College Student at California State University, Monterey Bay

“I like working with Jessica because she listens to my ideas and helps me get them on paper. I was able to boost my grades with her support and encouragement. We sat down together and figured out what was getting in the way of me completing my assignments, we made a plan, and then we worked through it together.”

Michael M.

High School Student in Portland Public Schools