Jessica Mintz will help you reach your goals.

I support students with ADHD and learners who struggle with task completion, organization, and follow through. My job is to identify the barriers to students' learning, focus their attention on short and long term goals, and create systems for them to become independent learners.


Regularly communicates with the client, their parents, and their teachers to develop a holistic perspective of how the student learns in various environments.


Collaboratively identifies strategies that work well and areas that need improvement in order to maintain consistent growth and curiosity.


Frequently researches, implements, and amends strategies for student success and overall well-being based on student feedback and goals timeline.

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What clients say

Dana A.

Parent of a 5th Grader

"When we found Jessica Mintz we were desperate to coordinate the education of our children, while balancing our own time working from home and again transitioning back to the office and school. COVID had an emotional and educational toll on a lot of families and ours was no exception. Jessica coordinated with teachers and caretakers to keep our kids on track. Jessica takes a balanced approach to working with kids and considers the emotional impact that life events may have on them. Jessica's services are a holistic answer to rounding out the educational experience of today's student."


Parent of a HS Senior in PPS

"Before working with Jessica, we were battling with our son constantly about his homework. He was struggling to keep up but refused any help from us. Since working with Jessica, we have noticed our son is happier, has better study and organization habits and skills, has a more positive attitude about the future, and he has greater accountability for his grades. Jessica is organized, kind and insightful. She went deeper than simply tutoring to working with him on the root mindset challenges holding our son back from success."


Parent of a 9th Grader

"Being a full time single parent is an amazing, wonderfully messy, challenging, exhausting gift. I manage fine, but do need some extra help delegating. Jessica has been there for me and my child as we've navigated through COVID-era schooling. Me checking the online portals created more stress than help for us, as it added a layer of negative energy to the household. My child was disorganized and aloof and often lied about which assignments were submitted and what work still needed to get done. Since working with Jessica the lying has stopped, the work is getting submitted, and my home is a much more peaceful place. "