Jessica Mintz will help you reach your goals.

I support students with ADHD and learners who struggle with task completion, organization, and follow through. My job is to identify the barriers to students' learning, focus their attention on short and long term goals, and create systems for them to become independent learners.


Regularly communicates with the client, their parents, and their teachers to develop a holistic perspective of how the student learns in various environments.


Collaboratively identifies strategies that work well and areas that need improvement in order to maintain consistent growth and curiosity.


Frequently researches, implements, and amends strategies for student success and overall well-being based on student feedback and goals timeline.

What clients say

Dana A.

Parent of a 5th Grader

"Jessica takes a balanced approach to working with kids and considers the emotional impact that life events may have on them. Jessica's services are a holistic answer to rounding out the educational experience of today's student."

James M.

Parent of a High Schooler

"Our teenager had so many struggles in school. We tried everything from tutoring to IEPs. Jessica worked with them to address underlying anxiety. The emotional support that they received opened the door for learning new study habits and creating a new attitude towards learning. We can't thank Jessica enough for all her help and support during this challenging time."


Parent of a 9th Grader

"My child was disorganized and aloof. He always lied about which assignments were submitted and what work still needed to get done. Since working with Jessica the lying has stopped, the work is getting submitted, and my home is a much more peaceful place."