Educational therapy utilizes specific methods, strategies, tools and approaches to support academic success in students. These strategies are based on the individual’s specific learning profile, strengths, and weaknesses.

Typically, an educational therapist is an educator who works one-on-one with a student. An educational therapist will use a holistic approach to learning, which involves alleviating fears and boosting self-esteem by providing opportunities for incremental successes that improve the attitude and behaviors related to learning and functioning in school, the workplace, and other social-intellectual contexts of life.

Educational therapy is for students who may have learning challenges such as ADD/ADHD, organization and time management skills, memory weakness, low self esteem, test taking anxiety, vocabulary weakness, math disabilities, or difficulties in phonetic reading, reading comprehension, critical thinking inferential skills, and/or written expression.

While every student with learning challenges is different, the goal of educational therapy is to address and remediate whatever is interfering with a student reaching their highest level of proficiency.

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