Individualized, One-On-One Support

I offer individualized, one-on-one support to students with ADHD and those who struggle with task completion. I remediate challenges with organization, follow through, and self awareness.

What to Expect

Each session is 50 minutes long and can be offered either online or in-person. Ideally I would meet with my clients twice a week to ensure consistent support.

Why Educational Therapy?

  • Educational therapy is a long-term approach to helping learners develop their own unique strategies for learning, developing executive skills, and self-regulation.
  • The goal of educational therapy is to promote independence and autonomy in learning, school, and life.
  • Instruction is tailored and scaffolded to each learner so that they are able to build a foundation of primary skills.
  • School assignments are often incorporated into lessons to develop specific skills, such as: organization, time management, and long-term assignment planning.

I enjoy what I do, and my services are completely personalized with each learner’s unique personality and learning profile in mind. Set up a call with me today to determine if educational therapy is right for you and your family.