I am an Educational Therapist living in Portland, Oregon, who wants to help people get organized and take actionable steps towards reaching their goals. I am dedicated to supporting students struggling with executive skills, ADD/ADHD, social emotional skills, time management, and self regulation. As a licensed Educational Therapist, I am able to identify and remediate learning challenges with specific strategies for growth. 

I am a licensed Oregon teacher with six years teaching experience in various high schools from urban schools in New Jersey to alternative high schools in Oregon. The courses I have taught include: AP United States History, We The People: Constitution Competition, World History, Economics, and Personal Financial Literacy. 

When I am not working, I like to spend time with my friends and my dog, Geordi. Some of my hobbies include hiking, yoga, biking, and camping. When I have an opportunity to watch a TV show, I like to indulge in Star Trek or Bob’s Burgers.

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My Educational Philosophy

I believe that all learners regardless of race, class, age, sex, gender, or identity deserve equitable access to education. No two individuals learn the same way. The barriers that exist for certain students can not be torn down by the individual alone. A community of individuals needs to collaborate in order to see the struggling learner’s humanity, to believe in that learner’s potential to achieve, and to actively support that individual in pursuing their goals.

Many learning differences and disabilities make school difficult, and I believe that there are ways to persevere through the challenges to become a more autonomous, intuitive, and effective learner. When learning problems are identified and defined, strategies can be developed to remediate and/or compensate for the problems by drawing on an individual’s strengths. In order to be successful, the client, their family, and other adults working with them needs to be committed to these strategies. Hard work is necessary for obtaining learning objectives, as is recognizing and finding pride in one’s success. As a collaborative unit, we can set goals and provide support, structure, and guidance for achieving those goals.

While learning differences and disabilities may be addressed through challenges presented by specific homework assignments or coursework, my role is not that of an academic tutor. My primary role is to support my client in becoming a more organized and independent learner. I will speak with their teachers, their parents, and any other allied professionals so as to develop a holistic perspective on the client’s learning habits. I am willing to make a long-term commitment to a client, but my ultimate goal is for my client to develop strong self-advocacy skills and self esteem so that they are prepared to tackle any academic challenges in their future.